Gallery and Tourist Spots

Gilgit Baltistan is commonly heaven on the Earth.All joy comes to you when you see Gallery of Gilgit Baltistan and we are very exciting to present you a very beautiful gallery,So your mood will be active when you see it along with our local music.

Gallery and Tourist Spots of District,Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan:

Phandar Valley ,Ghizer is well know for its flat green plateau's and lakes.It is also called land of lake ,land of martyrs and land of Greenery. Fishing in Phandar valley has it own value. Specially trout of Phander Valley is famous in the region and it has great taste.
When you visit Gilgit Baltistan for vocations so it may be on your periorty list.
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Hoper Garden, Ghizer locate in Hoper Valley.It is famous because of its fallen water from mountains,Houses on Trees and Foods. Carpet of grass enhance beaut of Hoper garden.Where the land is slidy and full of greenery along with the flow of Ghizer river.The best thing to notice here is horses where they enjoy their food.
Mark on your list when you visit GB , Ghizer.
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Lalak Jan Shaheed Nishan-E-Haider Have been Buried in the valley of yaseen.He is first every non-commission who received Nishan - E- Haider for his bravery belongs from Gilgit Baltistan.Yaseen is also well known for guest welcoming and kind hearten people.The beaut of yaseen is able to seen and Capture.Lalak Jan Tomb may you like and deliver a fatiha to him.
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Khalti Lake located at the valley of Khalti is well know for its trout fishes on summer and plainness. In winters it is also been visited by tourist and locals for its frozen ice on the surface of ice ice skating,playing football on the surface,enjoying bazum and cultural dances and also car racing on the surface of deep lake.Which is such a strong ice.So guys once you visit Ghizer make sure to visit this place.Click Here For Gallery