Culture of Gilgit Baltistan in order of District

When we talk about culture of Gilgit Baltistan it is quiet endless topic I think so because Gilgit Baltistan is most diverse place I know till now. In our homeland each district has different language ascent,cultural event,dress and way of living. In our site inshanallah we comprise all languages which are Shina, Burushaski, Khowar, Balti and Wakhi. Also cultural activities,events and way of life of all Districts like Ghizer,Hunza,Diamer,Gilgit,Ghanche.Skardu, Kharmang and Nagar.

Cultural Dresses:
Cultural Cap: A special type of cap which covers only uperside of  head made from woo; of sheep.It is soft and warmth.
Thouty Local Shoes which is tighten by shepherds.
Shoqaa: A gawon which covers all body parts to warmth oneself in winters.Made from wool of sheep.

Salwar Qamiz: Commonly wear in pakistan.
Bridal Cultural Dress Of Gilgit Baltistan:

Bridal cultural dress is depicted in the picture but its not so pure now a days its mashup with some other cultures like Indian and Western.Generally Bride wear Cultural Cap having silsila (local name) having scarf on her head with shy in their faces.
This cap is specially designed for Bridals now a days its becomes commercial of buying or rented it in many shops located at town of the District.Brides also wear local jewelries along with langaa ( local name) which is quiet different from you have seen this in cities of Pakistan or India.
Designs on Langaa has also its unique style they may sew by hand on local markets or may be purchase which is made by machine in garments industry.
Generally the impact of Globalization badly impact on such a small region cultures like Gilgit Baltistan.

This picture depicts the westernization of local culture.The Groom wears three piece suits along with the culture cap having fur and Bride also wears Langaa which is not the local or cultural but the trend little bit turn ,So the wearing style and cultural transformations also happen. It is bitter truth that small cultures also slide over by bigger once.
Its our wish to save our culture for our generation so they know their for fathers.
Its not pure culture of Gilgit Baltistan we again mention that.   

Cultural Events:
shisooo Gowot
Dumen Kha
Cultural Games:
Thik ga Tholooo
Cultural & Historical Places:
Gupis Fort
Gahkuch fort 
Baltit fort 
Altit fort