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Gilgit Baltistan Songs Content Policies:
GB Songs [] crew upload content after getting rights from owner of the content and some one send us on behalf of owner.If you have any complaint about content so it is request you all please drop an email to us.

Plagiarize GB Songs Content:

GB Songs Content:
The songs ( audio tracks ) which are only produced or sponsored by Gilgit Baltistan Songs is the content of GB Songs, So before use our content you may take permission from  official email of Gilgit Baltistan Songs, Otherwise we have authority to take any possible legal action about you.

Old Audio and Video Tracks:
All we know that Gilgit Baltistan Music industry have no Special kind of copyright before era so you can use all content which belongs before the foundation of our site is free to all,So you can easily or feel free to use old content any where you want if  there is no any special kind of rights and not band by Government of Gilgit Baltistan.

Multiple Rights of Content:
It may also possible to be multiple owners of content like lyrics writer,Vocalist,Musicians and Studio where your song or video has been produced may be equal rights on content,So it must be clarify at the time of taking it from some where.

Written Content:
Written content in our site is fully belong to  Gilgit Baltistan Songs. It is strictly prohibited to use our content in where with out official permission from our concerned authorities via email.It may also note that oral permission doesn't matter.

Agreement on Policies:
Gilgit Baltistan Songs hope that you agree with our policies and providing your best support for enhancing our site to explore our Homeland.

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