Crew and Vision

It was Fourth of June, 2015,we both decided to make some thing singers of Gilgit Baltistan and Music industry where our legends were even not notice by our Govt and they were not rewarded for their work for our language, Culture and  boost Harmony in the land, So after while thinking we being a students have nothing to give them except utilize our skills for their promotion.That was the reason Gilgit Baltistan Songs came to exist.
We Introduce our selves for your assistance that if you have any issue than came to us for solution.
Raziq Ali Ranais:
I am student of DAE (diploma of associate engineer) Graphic Designer, also,now a days we are working on GB Songs to explore Gilgit Baltistan in the world,which helps to promote our culture ,traditions and scenic beaut to attract tourism towards our home land.
Designation: Co-Founder, Content Head and Designer.
From: Japukay,Punial, Ghizer, Gilgit Baltistan.
Lives: Karachi, Pakistan
Cell No: 03156314722
You may contact us personally or through GB Songs for any queries regarding Gilgit Baltistan and Gilgit Baltistan Songs.
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Sher Afzal Ranais
Hey Guys,I hope you all well a brief prologue about me.Studying Electrical Engineering form National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.(Foundation of Science and Technology), Karachi Campus.A proud Gilgiti have skill of Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Blogging, Freelancing and an informal host of Program named Hamkhayal hosted by Gilgit Baltistan Songs.
Designation: Founder,C.E.O of GB Songs and Publication Head.
From: Japukay,Punial,Ghizer, Gilgit Baltistan,
Lives:  Karachi Pakistan.
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Thanks all of you Guys for your love and Support inshanallah we enlarge our work and involve you people to enlarge our circle and team.