Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Shina Song Salam Pak Foj By Talib Hussain Talib || GB Songs 2018

A new year gift for all GB-ians around the globe and praising Pakistan army about their sacrifices for the nation by Talib Hussain Talib on the occasion of retirement of Aman Saghar which is his friend.He is also coordinator of GB Songs.In this songs Talib says that salute Pakistan army salute for your sacrifices. After the protection of God the nation depends on you for seek of their protection. Salute for bravery and work for nation. A smell of honesty comes from your souls. we all are salute for your dedication to save nation from every trouble,you are present when our nation is in trouble,like in flooding, in earthquake you will save nation in every sort of life after Almighty Allah. Salute for your martyrs for the land.Thanks for loving and supporting GB Songs.For more entertainment and stay tuned our site.