Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Musavir Say Tou Sanay | New Shina Song | Talib Hussain Talib | GB Songs 2018

The gift for all fans by Talib Hussain Talib in 2018 is new album " Mohabat Oudor Thamus".In which poetry belongs to Talib Hussain Talib,Aziz Ur Rehman Malangi and Iftiqar Uddin Iftiqar.
In above songs words and vocals both belongs to him.He praise his loved one in such a way that no on can do it in away.In which he says after making your sculpture he must broke his pencil because of fear destroying your face mistakenly.The art of sculpt was finished when he makes your sketch.The beauty in your eyes put in fear of lost in your charm.The artist displays all colors of rainbow in your face.It might after completion his heart hooks on you.I beg long live for you, My heart is full of love and usually practice prayers in love of you.You are my sun shine. When your charm shine then sun shine feel guilt of being a sun shine.When you come out of  your place brightness will every where.Most of my age falls in your waiting and hope.Most of my life has been spent in your memories.For more songs of Gilgit Baltistan stay tuned GB Songs.