Friday, 12 January 2018

Mah Jas Bigas Tut Khudayar Lyrics Abdul K Taj Singers Shakeel Ahmad & Raishman Khan Durani GB Songs

 King of shina poetry Mr. Zafar Waqar Taj's father Mr. Abdul Khaliq Taj along with resham Khan Durani composed a very beautiful song.This song is recorded in mughal studio chatorkhand Ghizer. In which Sitar is played by Shakeel Ahmad Sameen and Key Boar is played by Safiullah Mughal. Brief transaltion of this song is like that I leaved you after your greeting and permission. Leave because of hatred which i did for your city.It is mashup song of both Khowar and shina. You must show some kindness towards me some where.  Black headed man never seems merciful for other human beings. You betrayed me many times.You never visited me in my illness to show your illness.The whole summary of the song is complain lover about her unkind behavior. My life becomes a dark night and you will in pleasure a very nice sleep.For more songs like this stay tuned Gilgit Baltistan Songs