Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Shina Songs Thai Tara Nay Wanaa Karay By Jabir Khan Jabir

The beautiful combination of father and son in the field of music is rarer in Gilgit Baltistan. One of trending songs of Jabir Khan Jabir is " Thai Taras Nay Wana" is one of my favorite songs of him.Th rhythmic song is composed by legendary singer and father of Jabir Khan Jabir is Babar Khan Babar. In this songs poet say to his loved one that you don't have any mercy and kindness by looking to my conditions which are worst of all.One day you will regret about treating me like this. When i thought about you the time lapses and my whole life comes to just a second and i happily spent time by thinking about you. When I follow your footprints you even not turn to me also neglect me like that we are never familiar to one another.The whole summary of this song is complain of her lover in his poetic way.Thanks for all your love and support stay tuned Gilgit Baltistan songs for for entertainment.