Thursday, 11 January 2018

Hiyoo Layok Dubalous by Raja Babar || Lyrics: Karamat Yash || New Shina Songs || GB Songs 2017

Poet of the track is Raja Karamat Yash and vocals belong to Raja Babar Aly. Music is composed by Mughal Studio Ghizer. In this song poet describes that Not found my heart in return your love. Lets sit with me for few moments and forget the rest of the world. I demand such a gathering by avoiding all the kingdoms of the universe.My heart cry and I must say that it should be cry because their is no any solution for what you do for your self. You also crying me long with itself because of your stupidity. When I see you,My whole body seems to be drunk and You must give me bottle of vines in return of anesthesia of your eyes.I not found my heart instead of your love. The taste of words delivered from your lips I have nothing to to pay for it.Just have a small conversation with me please.I not found my heart in return of your love.Please not come close to me.I need just one moment in return of my whole life.The romantic theme of the songs.For more songs like that stay tuned GB Songs.