Thursday, 18 January 2018

Aya Surat Ak Khayalo Maja || Shina Song by Salman Paras || GB Songs

Its our first priority to deliver some thing new to you, but some old classical song has its own values.Salman Paras most favorite singer of Gilgit Baltistan due to his romantic,nationalist and religious songs. A kind of shina song which is my favorite "Adi suraat ak han Khayal O Maja" .It means that a beautiful faces reminds in my mind every time. He praise his lover that he call her spring in black winter. Like buds of  rose,butterflies welcomes my lover with the buds of rose.My heart not hold on music and damaal (shina sufi word). Who mixes in soil from wind. Warriors would calm down when they see your face.This songs has romantic words with the romantic voice of salman Paras. He  also say that your face is much more beautiful than the brides which prepares yet for her wedding. Stay tuned GB Songs for songs like that. Thanks for all your love and support.