Wednesday, 10 January 2018

isqer dajiii Bodo payaai dun hiyooo Rashid Iqbal Rashid and Almas Eman New song 2018

Trending song of music industry of Gilgit Baltistan ever is duet of Rashid Iqbal Rashid and Almas Eman. The poet of the track Mr. Ghulam Abbas Sabir. The recording of the song is held at  Badshah Studio Peshawar.In this songs poet says that my heart is in the stage of fail in love of someone. My emotions and sentiments are kill every time ,treated like that it is found in the road in free and cheap rates. In the hotness of summer,the cold breath is comes out . Ever exhale breath tends me to aged. You always make fun of me and my love. You also kills my emotions by your injustice. Don't look at sky, all the creatures of the God is on Earth.You should see on the surface of the that you would look into us for sake of our pleasure.The theme of the song is awesome love,romantic and beautiful.This composition is actually unique because of many reasons that Almas Eman a wakhi speaker sings shina songs as good as Rashid Iqbal.A well known shina singer form Gilgit District and Almas from upper Hunza Gojal. Almas is first launched by Salman Paras in his Album Morek Thynaay, after that every one will work with him proudly.For more updates stay tunes Gilgit Baltistan songs.