Monday, 15 January 2018

Shina Song Tom Jiley Yaret Lyrics Jamsheed Khan Dukhi Vocal Shakeel Ahmad Sameen || GB Songs 2018

After along gab I see Jamsheed Khan Dukhi Sab is comeback to poetry with a very beautiful shina songs title "Tom Jiley Yaret" ( My beloved partner ).The vocals of Shakeel Ahmad Sameen, Poetry Jamseed Khan Dukhi, composed by Safiullah Mughal make your heart beat faster. In this songs poet says that the tolerance level of mine is have length as larger as the length of your hair.In the book of my life I tore page of hate.In the hope of your kindness I had madness in my mind.When I was beaten in the house of discrimination then I used to call my inner human. When my beloved one haters me then I call her non believer, and called my self preacher of that non believer. Such a nice songs and well composition. It must noted that these both Abdul Khaliq Taj Sab and Jamseed Dukhi sab is core members of Halqa ai Babai Zoq Gilgit Baltistan. For more songs like this stay tune GB Songs.