Monday, 8 January 2018

Chatoo Kutoo Shirii || Abdul Ghafoor Chilasi at Lok Virsa during Diamar Youth Organization

A Legendary singer from District Diamer Chilas Gilgit Baltistan Abdul Ghafoor Chilasi has his own style of sing shina songs. He has many albums in which many of his tracks are about love and complaining his lover for injustices which he bears in his love.In the above songs he says that I am like deaf who can not listen a single word. I am also like dough,blind in your love. I only understand the sign language in that situation of life.One day you will catch by God for your injustice and listen my prayers also. Your walking style,your talking style fascinates me every time. That's the theme of the songs. You can see most of audience came to dance when Ghafoor Chilasi come for performance.He represents culture and tradition of Gilgit Baltistan around Pakistan and internationally. For more exciting updates stay tuned GB Songs.Thanks for all your love and support.

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