Saturday, 6 January 2018

Pakistan Zindabad Mai Hu Pakistan By Manzoor Balti || GB Songs

As we all know Gilgit Baltistan is most diverse place in Pakistan where many languages has been spoken.Like all other languages Balti language which is spoken in baltistan region of Gilgit Baltistan has rich literature and customs.In the above video Manzoor Balti a phenomenon singer of Baltistan has great voice and way of singing.He performs all over pakistan in many show live and record many tracks or Albums.In this songs he describes Baltistan and Balti culture and praise God for the existence of the Pakistan rest of the world.When he starts singing he was refused and mentally tortured by community surrounded by him.After many struggles he make his place in the music industry of Gilgit Baltistan.Now he is part of many cultural and literary event around nationally and internationally.Pakistan Television Network make a project with his on independence day of Pakistan to convey the message of peace and harmony.Poet says that Balti is as beautiful as the beaut of Baltistan, He praise Almighty Allah that May bless his blessings on our home land and make our heaven protect that no any bad eyes lies on it.Also keep us united for sake of prosperity of nation.Thank you for all your support and love. For more stay tuned GB songs.