Sunday, 7 January 2018

Mai Giltay Hano Lyrics: Sajjad Bagoro Vocals: Ibrahim John || GB Songs

We presenting a very energetic shina song sung by Ibrahim John and written by Sajjad Baggorro. The music is composed by Mii Studio.In which poet praise their land and indirectly call other dears from his birth place to sit with them together for sake of unity and  prosperity of Gilgit baltistan. He also describe the life style of people's which are live in his birth place. People attract towards your dressing which is unique in the Earth. Poet ask the fellows that listen that a message of peace for all of you.I am yours and your are mine.Your thinness tells me that you are from my place. Also you from the place of mountains.My hearts come out when i see your dress. You are ambassador of my are support of my troubles. Come sweet heart come nearer to me. Parrots sing songs of spring and flowers come out from buds. This is the theme of the songs.For more entertainment stay tuned GB Songs.