Saturday, 9 December 2017

Shina Song Tu Gucho Umeedech Han Lryics & Vocals: Jan Ali janan || GB Songs

Jan Ali Janan:

The legend of Gilgit Baltistan Jan Ali Janan a creater of many hareeps of SHINA Music.
A Poet, Singer and Musician who plays a great role in the tradition of Shina Songs which means alot in today's. 
Here a Beautiful Composition of Jan Ali Janan " Tou Guchoo Umeed Han Yar" a very beautiful song which later sung by zafar waqar taj also by salman paras in many occasion then we way back to original track here in original voice of Jan Ali Janan. In the above songs poet and vocalist Jan Ali state the replies from her loved one to him.He says that you are in fake hope although I am not yours.If you are in love with me, I also touch with you. So that I face you confidently in your gatherings. I will be free permanently when you make pieces of me.This is generally summary of this song and it has many directions later. Thanks you all for your support and love .For more stay tuned Gilgit Baltistan Songs.