Thursday, 30 November 2017

Jabir Khan Jabir,Azeem Hunzai and Mir Afzal Ustad jaming together

Jabir Khan Jabir, Azeem Hunzai and Mir Afzal Ustad:

These legends of the land of Beauti Gilgit Baltistan Performs at Lahore during the rehearsal time for the show of youth of Gilgit Baltistan Culture Event Lahore Al-Amra Hall.Here in this rehearsal you will find other artist of Gilgit Baltistan Mubarak Ali Sawan Shina and Burushaski Singer also many flute players,rabab players and dhadang nad dhamal players perform equally to gave peak to this mashup song of Burushahski and Shina.
You will also find cultural dances and performance of many artist here that time.Azeem Hunzai a new upcoming rock has a great performance with jabir khan jabir a songs of Ustad Sher Baz Qalandar and Jabir Khan Jabir Perform song of Zafar Waqar Taj.