Saturday, 11 February 2017

Aju Walai Wa Aso War Ga new shina songs 2017 by jabir khan jabir

Finally my favorite song of all.when you ask me,My answer would be " Aju Walai Waa Aso War" is best of all. This song generally welcome new comer to Gilgit Baltistan in summers so any one fascinate its self from the scenic beaut and enjoy the pleasant weather out there.
It is also very special for all Gilgities which are away from their homes for different reasons because it remind us about the whole scenario which we have been spent earlier.
The one of reason why Zafar Waqar Taj is most loving is that they state the situations of others in his poetry and present such surprises to nation,so we automatically loves him.
I already told you all about the magical voice and marvelous performances of Jabir Khan Jabir. He is multi talented and has God gifted voice.Mir Afzal Ustad as always did great job with his sitar.At the end thank you all of you for loving GB Songs and motivate us to do great job.Love you all.