Saturday, 21 January 2017

Remembering Asar Taj on his 14th Birthday, a 1st birthday without Asar. Singer: Salman Paras

The beautiful songs in loving memories of Asar Taj. Who born in 2002 and died due to blood cancer in 2016.Which is the younger son of Zafar Waqar Taj. The pain in the heart came in words where he express his loneliness with out Asar Taj.  The English translation of this title is like "Goog bye! Now that you must leave, if you must leave,abandoning me,my beloved.Despite my passionate pleading to stay.If you must leave the morning star of my life,if you must leave..... like that and above video contains also subtitle in English. Salman Paras deliver the pain of poet in his voice which is touching the walls of every person who listen this song. Mayoon also shares sadness with poet by their music notes.We also share sadness with Zafar Waqar Taj Sab equally by share it with you.Thanks all for your prayers for Asar Taj, May Almighty Allah grant high palace in pradise to departed soul.Stay tune Gilgit Baltistan Songs.