Saturday, 21 January 2017

Thai Gamai majaa Shina Songs By Talib Hussain Talib

"Thai Gamay Maja" a classical shina song of Gilgit Baltistan in which poet states that in the immense sadness of separation from your love, the whole night I am in immense sadness.The  wishes of mine is not even consider in any kind of worship of God,So there will be no chance of meet you again. Your beaut snatch all peace and comfort from my heart. Spring of my heart is early than the actual spring but when i thought you about my loneliness,I used to drank and cry whole night.The whole summary of rhythmic shina song of Talib Hussain Talib in pure tradinal Music. He is legend of shina poetry and singing songs.His living performance in stages makes his demand high among public.
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