Saturday, 21 January 2017

Yar Tou Farista ak hanay shina new songs 2017 by Iqbal Hussain Iqbal

"Yar Tou Fatistak Han Ya Insanak Hain" a very beautiful shina song in which poet compares his loved one with angels. He also state that I am in burn in the fire of love you must notice and always thinks about you,you must notice. He request his loved one to not turn his face from me. I am in trouble and beautiful pain of your love you must notice. My love with you since childhood you must notice.My voice will be silent in front of you and you are my angle you must notice. This mesmerizing songs belongs to non other than your lovely poet,singer and stage host Iqbal Hussain Iqbal.His voice put more pain in this song. You will enjoy more than that when you understand the lyrics and summary of this song.For more entertainment stay tune Gilgit Baltistan Songs.Thanks for your love and support.