Saturday, 21 January 2017

Cultural Dance at Naltar on Snow By NLI Regiment

Dance is an expression towards a musical tune same like Gilgit Baltistan has its musical tunes which we called Dani (Hareep) same like musical tune we have our own style of expression our gestures on these tunes. Historical background of Gilgit Baltistan says that there are seven danises in our cultural for different purposes, like for convey messages, call for war, to gave protocols to kingdoms, to honor warriors after victory in war or battle, also different tunes for different tribes. In the above video Soldiers of Northern Light Infantry perform dance on one of Dani which we call hareep when soldiers or warriors perform at the snow sliding place of beautiful Naltar valley Gilgit Baltistan. Here people enjoys dances on snow which is quiet difficult for performers. Gilgit Baltistan Songs brings such an entertaining and amazing videos form Gilgit Baltistan. Stay tuned us.