Friday, 8 April 2016

Karakoram international university is closed again

Local Government of Gilgit Baltistan not supplied efficient fuel for Karakorum International University after floods so it is decided to close KIU till the supply.

KIU,Karakorum International University

Gilgit (Press release) local Government failed to supply efficient supply of petroleum so administration is force to close the University and this is remorseful for all. This was noticed by National Student Federation (NSF) during their press release in Gilgit. NFS says we should eradicate the education enemies from our society so we develop ourselves and our nation because education is only source for betterment of any nation. NFS warns government so to take care about such an education enemy policies. Due to such policies students should not disturb any more. University is also closed before this several times because of many issues. Afterward we can’t bear any more.
It is to remember that:

Petrol pumps are advised to supply petrol only for government vehicles no any other is allowed in petrol pump.