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Fresh fruits of Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan is one of the beautiful, fascinating and lovely spot in the map of world. It has natural beauty. Gilgit Baltistan is called “VEALLY OF HEAVEN”. There are large quantities with best qualities of fruits are available in Gilgit Baltistan. In every district even every village variety of fruits
are accessible.
Fresh fruits
APPLES: In very huge quantity apples are found in every district of Gilgit Baltistan. apples of every district have its own value and popularity. There are many kinds of apples in Gilgit Baltistan, But the well known kinds are “golden” , “red “ , “ star” and  “five star”.These apples are used to make delicious dishes, But mostly used to make juice. It has richest and sweet flavor.
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PEAR: Pear is very sweetest fruit and it is available with abundant quantity specially in Ghizer and Hunza. It has different kinds and qualities. it is preserved  and stored for a long time. I keeps digestion system make fit and perfect. It is useful for keeping skin fresh and beneficial for long hairs.

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GRAPPES: Grapes are found mostly found in each district of  Gilgit Baltistan,But best kinds of grapes are available in Ghizer. Famous kinds “Margun” Gashoshi”(in Shina language) .Grapes have black, yellow, white and green colors. It is used for making juice. Its juice is very sweet. This juice is used to make other different products e.g kilao, vinegar, jelly, jam etc. It is very healthiest fruite and it controls human body from kidney disorders, muscular degeneration and prevents contraction of blood vessels.
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APRICOT: Different kinds of apricot found in every district of GB. In summer season apricots are dried by preservation and stored for winter season. Sweet apricot kernels are used for making “kilao”(shina language) and oil is extracted from bitter kernels of apricot.When this oil will use regularly it prevents from diseases.
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WALNUTS: Every year there are huge amount of walnuts produced in each district of GB. Hard and soft are two types of walnuts in GB. It is stored for winter.  Walnuts are very useful for keeping balanced blood pressure and also useful for healthy life.
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ALMOND: Almonds are most valuable dry fruit of GB. Huge amount of “soft” and “hard” almond found in each district of GB. It keeps the mind fresh and body become fit if it will eat on daily basis early in the morning. Therefore, almond has its own significance.
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FIG: Fig also has unique and sweet taste like other fruits. Fig reproduces three times in summer. It is exported different cities of Pakistan and all over the world.
dry fruits in pakistan

CHERRY: Small variety but, large quantity of cherry found in GB. It is very beautiful and charming fruit and has sweet and fantastic taste. “ Black” and  “Red” are two kinds of cherry.
dry fruits in pakistan

POMEGRANATE  : Sweet” and “Sour” kinds of famous Pomegranate trees are grown in GB. Pomegranates are found in abundant quantities. It is used for making juice. Juice of pomegranate is very beneficial for human body. It controls from fatal 
diseases like cancer, heart disease, etc. it is also useful for fresh skin.

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This Article is on the basis of personal analysis of our team please correct us if we are wrong. 

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