Monday, 11 April 2016

Newspapers Of Gilgit Baltistan

Newspaper is the way of communication in printed form and which has great influence on the society like other nations Gilgit Baltistan are also effected by  press media and it has to be noted that Gilgit Baltistan has no any electronic media channel , I mean no live courage.Today in this article I want to give you complete summary of press media of Gilgit Baltistan.
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You can directed to these newspapers by clicking on the respective pictures.  

   1.  The daily K-2 Gilgit Baltistan.

Founder and chief editor of  K-2 Raja Hussain khan Maqpoon
Chief Executive Sadaat Ali Mujahid
Managing editor Sayed Ijaz Ali
Release and print editor Raja Shah Sultan Maqpoon
K2 Newspaper
Read it by click on pics.

  2.  Daily Sada-e-Gilgit

Chief editor Abdul Latif
Sadae Gilgit
Read it by click on pics.

   3.     Daily Bang-e-sahar Gilgit Baltistan

Bang-e-sahar is not available now days
K2 Gilgit

   4.     Daily Baad-e-shimal Gilgit Baltistan

Chief editor Muhammad Abid Abdullah Khan
Managing editor Bashir Ahmad
Gilgit Baltistan (Baadeshimal
Read it by click on pics.

   5.     Daily Muhasib Gilgit Baltistan

Chief editor Zahida Perveen
Baltistan Newspapers
Read it by click on pics.

  6.     Daily Ausaf Gilgit Baltistan

Chief editor Mahtab Khan
Editor Muhassan Balag Khan
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  7.     Daily Himaliya Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan Newspapers
Not available on web now a days.

  8.     Daily Baidar Gilgit Baltistan

Chief editor Mir Aslam Khan
Editor Jaffar Ali
Managing Editor Sajjad Hussain
Mahasib Newspaper
Read it by click on pics.

  9.     Daily Salam Gilgit Baltistan

Chief editor Muhammad Asraf Asuur
Editor Jaffar Ali
Daily Baade Shimal
Read it by click on pics.

  10.Weekly Naqaraa Gilgit Baltistan

Mahasib Newspaper
Not available on net now a days.

  11.Weekly Waadi Gilgit Baltistan

Not available Online

  12. Weekly Parbat News

Chief editor Gulam Rasool Ranaaa
Click on the pic to read it
If any person wants to publish their news , article and advertisements then you may call the office ,mail them or personally.These all newspapers are printed and published in Islamabad and distributed in major cities of Pakistan.