Friday, 15 April 2016

Russian wants to be Chitral Pakistan citizen and also also wants marry there.

Russian citizen arrested by Police who search their bride at Chitral

Karachi (monitoring disk) according to BBC one of the district of Pakistan name as chitral at where police reported that a Russian citizen search his bride in chitral. According to police the arrested foreigner is from Russia and resident of Moscow. SP investigation Sher Ahmad talk to BBC and says that respected foreigner was arrested on  behalf of suspecting because this person also visited chitral at 25th December and wished to marriage here. At that time he was seem to be suspected and allow him to return but after that he again entered in chitral at 29th march by changing his identity by some physical changes so police arrested him because his action was suspected. Police and law enforcement departments also busy in investigation thats why this person wants to marriage and settle in chitral. According to journalist Sayed Anwar his real name is Appingus and Muslim name is Turud Ali. He advertise at many places at chitral about his details, wish to marriage and settlement in Chitral. He also mentioned that he is Muslim and declared himself Russian. This man announced prize of ten lac for that who helps in his marriage. Police cease all his documents including passport. Local Journalist says that this is second time that foreigner search their life partner and wants to settle in Chitral.