Friday, 8 April 2016

Karakorum High will be passing in one week for common traffic.

Karakorum High will be passing in one week for common traffic.
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Due to recent heavy rains the Karakorum highway is blocked in several places due to landslides and floods. FWO and NHA works day and night for clearance of KKH.
Eighteen kilometer of road is completely destroyed at kohistan. Chinese engineers and machinery are to be needed for renovate the road brief to chief minister of Gilgit Baltistan.

On the advice of Prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharef the authorities speeds up work of Karakorum High way. Member NHA Mr. Abdulullah  Jan brief to CM.
NHA declares that this is worst landslides in the history of KKH at same time at many places. It is quite difficult to sort it out so NHA needs Chinese engineers and machinery for quick mending of KKH.The road is now clear form Gilgit to Jigalot. Chilas to Gilgit road is open very soon and department work on more than 70 landslides and blockages. At most place local residents equally helps department.
NHA says that KKH is most dangerous road so it is quite difficult to work during rains and it is danger for workers of department and destructions here do not meet with earlier examples. CM tells that residents for Gilgit Baltistan is in difficulties so we should sort it out as soon as possible.