Sunday, 17 April 2016

Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Gilgit Baltistan

Aga Khan Development net work (AKDN) and GILGIT BALTISTAN.

Aga Khan development network is non-dominating, private and non profitable network of different institutions like AKESP, AKHSP,AKTC,AKYSBP, AKRSP, AKFED etc. AKDN is established by spiritual leader of Shia Imami Ismaili muslim “Prince Karim Aga Khan”. The aim of AKDN is to improve the quality of human life,  creates revolutionary thoughts and  to develop social, economical, culture, education and health system of all over the world.
Before the establishing of  AKDN  the people of GILGIT BALTISTAN were deprive out of many facilities.There were not best educational institudes because, the did not aware of quality of education.water and sanitation system was not good,there was no any hospital .Therefore, people of GB were facing plenty of health problems. People were fell prey of many fatal diseases and due to lake of health facility people lost their lives.when different institutions of AKDN established in GB. These institutions worked  smart for the rehabilitation ,betterment and quality of human life. KESP gave awareness about the quality of education, I mean provide education in real meaning.Health problems  reduced by AKHSP. Built hospitals in different villages.these hospitals are very useful for people . People get their cure from  Aga Khan health centres. Many fatal diseases  are controlled by AKHSP. AKRSP  did many surveys in different areas  and improved Sanitation and water system by WASEP. Gilgit baltistan is red zone. GB is land of natural disaster. Earth quake , floods and over flow of water from rivers is common in gilgit baltistan. AKRSP IS working to save human life from these disasters. When there is happen any natural disaster it helps from all aspects. Inspite of these institutions AKTC  introduced  and promoted the culture of GB in all over the world. There is Serena HOTEL IN GB. It is built to attaract the tourist towards GB . briefly AKDN provides many facilities to the people of Gilgit Baltistan and prepare them to face  difficulties , future challenges  , changes, competitive and bitter environment of the world. AKDN improves quality life of the people of GB that they will accept diversity and  peaceful pluralism and explore them.Because Islam teaches us that diversity is the fact of nature and it creates unity , enhance common values and vanishes  conflicts.