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Diamer Bhasha Dam, Gilgit Baltistan got their rights

Diamer Bhasha Dam, Gilgit Baltistan got their rights

Diamer-Bhasha dam is 272 meter high and owned by water and power development authority will be constructing on Indus River Gilgit Baltistan Diamer.

Islamabad (Newdisk) source minister of water and power Abid Sher Ali claimed that the issue of royalty of Diamer Bhasha Dam has been solved. According to source Gilgit Baltistan is equally treated along with Khyber pakhtunkhwa on the issue of royalty. Minister of water and power said that now power generation should be generated at Gilgit Baltistan along with KPK. Power plants equally installed at both the provinces. Before this issue the royalty of Diamer Bhasha Dam is decided to give it to Khyber pakhtunkhwa. Now dams will be built on both the provinces.

The delegation of Gilgit Baltistan quit happy and hope full to see the practical application of claim of minister of water and power Abid Sher Ali. 

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Gilgit Baltistan should be most focused province of Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan should be most focused province of Pakistan:

Due to unfavorable conditions I am not talk about the geographical measurements of Gilgit Baltistan rather than that we talk about social impacts of Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit Baltistan or Northern areas is include in Pakistan at 1949 and this region is named Northern Areas of Pakistan and under a federal minister of Kashmir and Northern areas run the system. Five to ten years before Gilgit Baltistan is authorized as province but not actually the province constitutionally this is just setup made by Pakistan people’s party.

Because of that still it can be said that Pakistan has four provinces afterward authorized as province there will be local elections after elections Pakistan people’s party won and setup their Government there at that time PPP is also federal party they bears government of Pakistan this all happened at 2010. In National assembly elections 2013 Pakistan Muslim league non won election and setup their federal Government Pakistan so in 2015 the election held at Gilgit Baltistan was won by PML (N) and setup their Government common it’s my turn.

The Government of Gilgit Baltistan depends on federal government not on the votes of Gilgit Baltistan because votes can be changed with federal government of Gilgit but I don’t know how and why.